Pastor Dr.P.C.J. GEOFFREY was born in the year 1951 in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu in South India, in a CSI Christian Family. He had two sisters and three brothers. His father was a Business man, Soon after his graduation in the year 1973, his father died.

In the year 1979, he got married to Glory, who is a child of God. Because of her prayer the Lord gave her a job in a Christian Organization in Chennai in Tamil Nadu in the year of 1980. Due to the necessity of the family situation they had come over to Chennai to join in that job. By the grace of God after a year Geoffrey also got a job in the same Organization where his wife Glory was working. In the year 1985, he committed his total life to Jesus.

Soon after his salvation he started to pray and meditate the word of god hours together after the office hours. He started a prayer cell in the office and they all used to pray in the office chapel after the office hours. The Lord Started to teaching him about holiness and faithfulness. He had not chosen his life but the Lord has chosen him for his glory.

In the year 1988, he started doing the ministry of god during the office holidays and after his office hours. In the year 2002, God called him for the full time ministry. He resigned his job and came out for full time ministry. The Chief Pastor of Apostolic Christian Assembly in Chennai Pastor Sam Sundaram ordained him for full time ministry as an Evangelist.